hijak was here

Hacked By: ~(H)~

Hacked By: ~(H)~

Security Is Just a Word - Don't Trust It.

Hi Admin I'm ~(H)~ of Insanity Security Hackers International - I.S.H.I

Greeting Admin I just found a vulnerability on your website that made me able to Break In
There were so many hackers around the world and you dont what they can do nor what are they going to do when they GET IN
Please Improve Youre security admin before other hackers break in
Security Exist its just that how you make it more efficient and prevent from Hackers to breached in so EASILY

Life is war and every day is a battle to me i'm on the brink of Insanity between extreme intelligence and split personalities

We are Insanity
We are Madman
We are Crazy
You can't Expect us!
Security Is Just a Word - Don't Trust It.
Trusting that your site is fully secure makes you fool. Expecting no one can break it.

We are :
T0x!c -:- NOT_FOUND -:- D34dLockz -:- Archangel -:- JOKER -:- Scr1pt3r -:- C4ptch4 -:- 3rr0r 404 -:- D34DEYE -:- ~(H)~ -:- PH.Hener4L Lun4
About Us:
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