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ARC X250PM, X-band Mobile Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar

The ARC X250PM radar is designed for high quality data acquisition and analysis in both research and operational settings.  ARC utilizes the NCAR-developed TITAN/CIDD radar product generation and display software, which has been refined through decades of research and operational use around the planet, for both standard and polarimetric radar products.   

With the X250PM radar, the antenna can be mounted on a truck for completely mobile operations or be removed and mounted to a platform at a fixed location. This flexibility makes the ARC 250PM an ideal radar for studying multiple features across varied locations within the same region. 

 The ARC X250PM has been implemented for real-time operations and post-event analysis studying Quantitative Precipitation Estimation (QPE) across multiple basins for water resource management.


Antenna Specifications

·         Dish Diameter: 2.44 meters (Beamwidth: 0.95 degrees)

·         Polarization:

o   Simultaneous Horizontal and Vertical (SHV), Horizontal (Hor) or Vertical (Ver) modes

o   Alternating Horizontal and Vertical (AHV) mode is available on special order

·         Scan types:

o   Surveillance (360 degrees) with elevation step

o   PPI sector scan with elevation step

o   RHI scan with azimuth step

Transmitter Specifications

·         Magnetron transmitter

·         Peak Power: 250 kW

·         Frequency: 9.3 – 9.5 GHz

·         PRF: 0 to 4.0 kHz

Polarimetric Radar Variables

·         Z (Equivalent radar reflectivity factor, dBZ)

·         V (Doppler radial velocity, m/s)

·         W (Velocity spectrum width, m/s)

·         P (Power received, dBm)

·         Zdr (Differential reflectivity)

·         Phi-dp (Differential phase)

·         Kdp (Specific differential phase)

·         Rho-hv (Co-polar correlation)

·         NCP/SQI (Normalized Coherent Power/Signal Quality Index)

·         Zcoh (Coherent equivalent radar reflectivity factor, dBZ)

·         Phase (Differential and Absolute phase)

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