Products - ARC Radar Upgrade Package


Products – ARC Radar Upgrade Package The ARC Radar Upgrade Package consists of the ARC HiQ, the ARC ACU with the TITAN/CIDD software, a transmitter and motors and gears, if necessary.  ARC has revolutionized Doppler radar capabilities through its patented technology including the HiQ digital receiver and Antenna Control Unit (ACU).  ARC also provides the NCAR-developed TITAN/CIDD radar product generation and display software, which has been refined through decades of research and operational use around the planet, for both standard and polarimetric radar products.  The goal for ARC is to minimize cost while maximizing potential by redesigning and upgrading existing radars, resulting in a clean, compact and affordable solution for years of trouble-free weather radar operation. The new ARC digital processor has been successfully installed in radars around the planet in even the most remote and exposed environments. 

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