Products - ARC-HiQ, Digital Receiver


Products – ARC HiQ Digital Receiver

The heart of the ARC radar design is the ARC HiQ digital receiver and processing board that may be installed in any modern PC.

HiQ is the product of decades of research experience and field deployments at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in providing high quality radar data combined with a common sense user interface that requires minimal training.

The ARC HiQ digital receiver was designed to be a stand-alone, cost-effective Doppler receiver upgrade for any commercial radar system.  It performs the signal processing tasks necessary to generate a high quality data stream for computing radar products.  The ARC HiQ provides a radar calibration software suitable for operational uses and research applications requiring accurate, quantitative radar measurements.


·         Noise Power: -115 dBm typical

·         Radar Noise Figure: 2.9 dB

·         Dynamic range: 80 dB (Receiver noise dominated)

·         Sensitivity @ 0dB SNR: -11 dBZ @ 50 km 1 μsec transmit pulse

·         Digital IF processing

·         Digital matched filter for maximum sensitivity and Inter-clutter visibility

·         Dual-PRT capability for velocity extension



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