Products - ARC-ACU, Antenna Control Unit


Products – ARC Antenna Control Unit (ACU)

The ARC ACU is fully configurable and is designed to interface with new and existing radar systems.  The ACU allows for individual surveillance, PPI and RHI sector scans, as well as sequences of these scans, to be produced, edited and executed locally or remotely.  

Remote monitoring of the radar antenna via Ethernet web cam can be directly accessed from the antenna control software main screen.  Solar based angle position calibration and solar gain measurements are an integral part of the software for antenna gain calculations. 

 Years of experience in weather research have gone into the design to ensure that the ARC ACU is highly interactive and configurable for any weather radar application.  ARC provides the NCAR-developed TITAN/CIDD radar product generation and display software, which has been refined through decades of research and operational use around the planet, for both standard and polarimetric radar products for operation with the ARC ACU. 



·         Antenna position to 16 bit resolution.

·         Fast update rates to motor controller (few msec).

·         Programmable velocity and acceleration limits.

·         Programmable trapezoidal acceleration profiles.

·         Interactive tuning and plotting tools.

·         Precision scan active flags sent to base data radar display.

·         ARC software support for solar gain and antenna pattern measurements.

·         ARC ACU software supports PPI sector, RHI, and Surveillance scanning, as well as sequences.

·         Digitally stored and adjustable antenna offsets for positioning using solar alignment tools.

·         Manual and automatic antenna operation either locally or remotely via the internet.

·         Readily adaptable to a variety of syncro and encoder positioning systems.

·         Readily adaptable to brush and brushless motors.



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