ARC radars and derived radar products, especially polarimetric systems, can be utilized for applications in a wide range of operational and research settings. ARC products can produce real time detection of weather events such as:

  • Wind shear,
  • Quantitative Precipitation Estimation (QPE) 
  • Hydrometeor particle identification.

This provides users with the tools needed to monitor weather events as they are occurring, and provide adequate warnings.

ARC radars are also able to forecast additional meteorological impacts, and the data which is collected can easily be stored and viewed with ARC display software at any future time for additional analysis. ARC has produced radars for many different applications in some of the worlds most remote places, so whatever your project is ARC will design and construct the radar that will incorporate all your needs.



Weather Detection and Storm Tracking

ARC radars utilize the NCAR-developed TITAN/CIDD radar product generation and display software which is in use in operational and research settings around the globe. TITAN/CIDD provides the customizable tools necessary to detect storm cells and potential hazardous weather associated with them.

Individual storm cells are identified based on measured reflectivity values and, for each storm, an extensive list of meteorological values are calculated. These properties are used to assess the intensity of the storm, as well as to detect any potential hazardous weather associated with it. TITAN/CIDD is open source software which allows users to incorporate or develop products specifically for their individual needs.


 Cloud and Precipitation Formation

With ARC polarimetric radars and the NCAR-developed TITAN/CIDD radar product generation and display software, hydrometeors in clouds and precipitation cells can be uniquely identified so that research areas related to cloud microphysics and precipitation formation can be studied in methods that were previously impossible.  Specific research fields, such as mixed-phase microphysical processes in clouds, can be assessed with either the ARC C250P or the ARC X250P radars. 


Through the expertise of CEO Dr. Roelof Bruintjes, ARC has access to decades of experience investigating the processes that go into cloud and precipitation formation, as well as the applications related to cloud seeding.  

Wind Shear Detection

Radar sites for airport wind shear require special consideration since the meteorological phenomena to be detected are generally rapidly generated, of short duration and are shallow atmospheric events that sometimes descend from directly above the runway complex. 

The ARC team has decades of experience with radar site selection for airport windshear detection, and along with the ARC radars, can develop a comprehensive solutions that meets all your needs.




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