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ARC was founded in 2006 by the UCAR Foundation to commercialize a new generation of advanced weather radars (hardware, software and customized products). These systems are simple to maintain, calibrate and operate while still maintaining accuracy and reliability. We are committed to our customers and seek to supply our clients with the best end to end solution for their needs.


Our Executive Team:

Our management team boasts over 50 years of combined experience in the engineering, research, and radar development sectors. Every member of our management team is an expert in problem solving in all areas of our industry, whether searching for the best way to streamline production, or developing the latest technology, or seeking the best solutions to meet challenging deadlines.

Additionally, the team has implemented accountability on every level which translates to results without excuses for our customers. Our clients can expect nothing less than a professionalism and dedication to every part of their project: in other words, ARC seeks not just to be a supplier but, a committed partner.


Dr. Roelof T. Bruintjes

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

email: roelof@advancedradarcorp.com

Dr. Bruintjes is Chief Executive Officer and President of ARC(Advanced Radar Corporation) located in Boulder, Colorado.  ARC is a privately owned business that was founded in 2006, created with a focus on upgrading and optimizing operations and maintenance of existing radar systems, development of new radar remote sensing techniques, and training in meteorological radar systems. Dr. Bruintjes has decades of experience in the use of weather radars, and has research interests in weather modification with special emphasis on precipitation enhancement and cloud processes and aerosol-cloud interactions. Dr. Bruintjes has also authored or co-authored more than 30 refereed and more than 150 non-refereed publications and participated in the writing of several review documents for the World Meteorological Organization.

Selected Publications

Paul A. Kucera, Arlene Laing, Mitchell W. Moncrieff, Mohan K. Ramamurthy, and Timothy C. Spangler: 2008: An Africa Initiative sponsored by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. Submitted to BAMS.

Garstang et al. (2005): Weather Modification: Finding common ground. Bulletin of American Meteorological Society, 86, 647-655.

Bruintjes, R.T. Vidal Salazar, T. A. Semeniuk, P. Buseck, D. W. Breed and Jim Gunkelman, (2006) Design and performance of a hygroscopic flare cloud seeding test facility. Submitted to Atmospheric Research.

Stroud et al.: (2006) Cloud activating aerosol observed during CELTIC. Submitted to Journal of Atmospheric Science. 

Ross, K.E., S.J. Piketh, R.T. Bruintjes, R.P. Burger, R.J. Swap and H.J. Annegarn, (2002) Spatial and seasonal variations in the distribution of cloud condensation nuclei and the aerosol-cloud condensation nuclei relationship over Southern Africa.  J. of Geophys. Res., 108 (D13), doi:10.1029/2002JD002384.


Dr. R. Jeffrey Keeler

Chief Technology Officer

email: jeff@advancedradarcorp.com

 Dr. Keeler is the Chief Technology Officer of the Advanced Radar Corporation. Dr. Keeler is well known around the world for his experience in radar network systems design, analysis and design of conventional magnetron and klystron Doppler radar systems. Dr. Keeler also has years of experience with polarization radar technologies, phased arrays systems, advanced time domain and spectrum based signal processing techniques, and a variety of data quality optimization techniques.

Selected Publications:

Keeler, R.J. and R.J. Serafin (2008) Meteorological Radars. Chap. 19 in Skolnik, Radar Handbook – 3rd Ed., McGraw-Hill.

Fabry, F. and R.J. Keeler (2003) Innovative signal processing for meteorological radar systems. Chap. 7 in AMS Monograph, Radar and Atmospheric Science: A collection of essays in honor of David Atlas, 30, Boston, 199-214.

Keeler, R.J., C.A. Hwang, and E. Loew (2003) A pulse compression phased array weather radar. J. Atmos. and Ocean. Tech., unpublished manuscript.

Smith, P.L, D. Atlas, H.B. Bluestein, V. Chandrasekar, E. Kalnay, R.J. Keeler, J. McCarthy, S.A. Rutledge, T.A. Seliga, R.J. Serafin, F.W. Wilson (2002) Weather Radar Technology Beyond Nexrad, National Research Council report, National Academy Press, Washington DC.

Mudukutore, A.S., V. Chandrasekar, and R.J. Keeler (1998) Pulse compression for weather radars.  IEEE Trans. Geosc. Rem. Sens., 36, 125-142.

Chandrasekar, V. and R.J. Keeler (1993) Antenna pattern analysis and measurements for multi-parameter radarsJ. Atmos. and Ocean. Tech., 10, 674-683.

Keeler, R.J. and R.E. Passarelli (1990) Signal processing for atmospheric radars, Chap. 20 in Atlas, Radar in Meteorology, AMS, Boston.



Kim Weaver

Chief Engineer

email: kim@advancedradarcorp.com

Kim Weaver is the Chief Engineer of Advanced Radar Corporation, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. With over a decade of management experience, and over 25 years of  engineering and design experience, he has proven to be a key asset to ARC.


Mr. Weaver is a results oriented individual, who has a specific focus on every project that he manages. In his past experience he has worked as a design engineer and developed several integral parts in radar systems.  In his past work experience Mr. Weaver has aquired skills in, but not limited to, system engineering, project management, engineering management, Sigment software and hardware, programming, and PCB design.


Mr. Weaver has a Bachelor in electrical engineering from the Univeristy of Wyoming, and a Masters in electrical engineering also for the University of Wyoming. Since completing his MS degree, he has completed numerous short courses covering design methodologies and technologies.





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